Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 | Eviction Appeal Update

Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5

I arrived home last night, finally this morning my luggage arrived also. Another trip out to Ercan to pick it up was just what I needed.

Yesterday the 11th June 2012, the Appeal against the decision of the 26th August 2011 by Judge Talat Usar to deny Kulaksiz 5 a temporary Injunction to stop the Bank selling off the rest of Kulaksiz residents properties began.

The three Appeal Judges consisted of two male and one female. The front bench was occupied by Akan Kursat (Advocate), Boysan Boyra (Advocate) and Hasan, Mr Boyra’s very able assistant and also an Advocate. Behind the legal teams sat Mr. Akan Gurkan (Advocate) and a female with spectacles who was also thought to be an Advocate. Now I wonder what Mr. Gurkan was doing there?

In another row was Sirin Damdelen, a reporter from Cyprus Today, Margaret and Brian Freeman (K5 owners), Mike and Phil Watkin-Jones (K5 owners) and Bob and Jan French (K5 owners). Behind the provider of all this information, the other half of the Pesky Pair, was yet another Advocate. Tucked away in the corner behind the door sat Mehmet Kader; always in dark places Mehmet, I do worry about you. Just before the case started Richard Barclay crept in and kept himself near the door and indeed was observed leaving before anything could be explained to him in English. Now we all know you owe me money Richard and with both of your/mother’s houses let and you living F.O.C. in an absentee owner’s house, one has to ask why the reluctance to pay your debts?

Apparently Boysan explained that because the case was complicated he needed more time indeed, as he pointed out, the outcome of the main case is dependent on this Appeal case. He asked for at least another week, Mr Kursat was not happy about this and wanted the case to continue. He said he was ready to start and there should be no delay in this case. The Judges conferred and obviously disagreed with him because Boysan got his week and then some, the case is adjourned until 19th September 2012.

The Eviction hearings are now paramount as far as the legal team are concerned and are ongoing.

With regard to the main case, the Advocate has to attend the court on the 15th June but it is thought that it will be only to obtain and further hearing date.

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