Akfinans Bank | Report showing Kulaksiz Land Provenance

A very good and kind Turkish Cypriot friend translated the infamous report on the provenance of the land on which the Bank took as security for loans given to Abdurrahman Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz. I have attached the original so that you can see both.

It is important that I point it out to you, at the top of the page it is showing that this document had been faxed by Akfinans Bank on 7th June 2010 at 10.29 from telephone number 0090 392 815 6381 .

There is also a handwritten note at top right hand corner stating that this is evidence no 21.

With a number (probably reference no ) 2312/10, with a date of 17-6-2011 with a signature.

“After the heading it is as follows:

Number : 09/2007 25th March 2005

Akfinans Bank Ltd

Girne –Kyrenia

Subject ; Expert Report

Title Deed No : 7739

Village and Locality : Karsiyaka

Map Reference : X16W1 & 2 , Parsel (Plot) 10.5/1

Total Land Area: 5 Donum 2 Evlek , 2000 sq Feet ( 1 Evlek roughly equating to 250 sq meters )

Type of Immovable Property : Field

Registered Keeper : Yuksel Yilmaz.

This report has been prepared after visiting the above specified immovable property by myself.

The property in question is in Karsiyaka to the north of Simena holiday village in a favourable position. On this property which has a frontage to public road and on plot no 10.3/3/1 there is buildings in progress of 3 x 132 sq meter single storey , 7x 142 sq meter single storey and 3x 165 sq meters two storey buildings of which approximately seven will fall on this land. The value of this immovable property at today’s market conditions , which also includes buildings at plastering stage within it , is estimated by myself to be £ 335,000 ( three hundred and thirty-five thousand sterling).

I verify that the above is correct to the best of my knowhow , ability and belief and present it to you with respect .

Best regards

Ünsal Gürok”

It is interesting that this should be doing the rounds on the 7th June 2010, just one day after the auction of the 6th June 2010 and even more significant that the Advocate acting for the Bank was claiming they never knew of properties on the land when they mortgaged it. Interestingly, they did drop that claim when they were ‘busted’. Indeed it appears as Tarla on the loan agreement, tarla is Turkish for……..land or maybe field.

Knowledge is power – power to the people.

Citizen Smith

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