After 65 North Cyprus Court appearances prove the Day’s innocence, they have to do it all again!

Mary Day is back, back to take on the so called legal system here in the TRNC.

Will any of us ever forget the farce that was the case the prosecution brought against Geoff Day. The case that anywhere else in the world may never have seen the inside of a court room. The case that was brought on the say so of a malignant builder who, in my opinion, decided that accusing a purchaser of theft would be a good way to blackmail him into parting with more money. A case in which the builder allegedly even offered to drop the charges for money. Yet it was still allowed to go ahead. Geoff still had to attend the court 65 times, surrender his passport for 2 years and 3 months and be kept a virtual prisoner on charges that were eventually proved to be malicious and spiteful when Geoff was found not guilty on all counts.

That however is not the whole story. The builder, Recaioglu, walked away scot free having wasted police and court time by allegedly using them in his plan to extort money from his victim. This is the story of the legal system here in the TRNC, there are never any consequences for the real villains it seems. No account is ever taken of the financial and health costs to the victim. In Geoff’s case, his health is dessimated and he is too ill to return to face this next round in the legal wrangle. Geoff is undergoing extensive medical tests. It is a well known fact that major trauma, such as the trauma Geoff and Mary faced, undermines the immune system and leaves the victim open to illness and disease. Mary freely admits that financially, they may never recover.

There was jubilation when in the course of the same week, Geoff and Mary won their money back and £200,000 compensation in their civil case against Recaioglu and also the criminal case brought by the builder was proved to be the nonsense it was by Geoff’s ‘not guilty ‘ verdict.

Geoff and Mary are still waiting some of the items taken as ‘evidence’ by the police and the builder’s brother. Yes, you read that correctly, the police allowed the builder’s brother to take away some of the evidence in his vehicle. No contamination of the chain of evidence there then.

Much more seriously, apparently Recaioglu challenged the verdict in the civil case within the 15 days allowed had the ruling overturned but strangely, Geoff and Mary did not learn of it until 4 months after it had happened. Now I would call that a serious break down in communication.

This is the reason Mary has returned to the TRNC, apparently the whole case has to start again and that was the reason why we were at the airport this morning to pick Mary up. Having suffered so terribly at the hands of the authorities here in the past, I was armed with Mary’s Advocate’s telephone numbers, just in case there was a ‘reception committee’ waiting for her.

When Mary appeared through the Arrivals door she was clearly anxious and burst into tears when she saw us. I gave her a cuddle and she was shaking and weeping. This is another traumatic undertaking for her, Geoff is too ill to travel so Mary has to face the whole civil procedure again despite Geoff having attended 65 times already.

Mary does not enjoy the best of health and really does not need this further stress.

Mary has a Hearing at Girne Dstrict Court on Wednesday 28th September, I will be there for her. Will you?

Fortunately, Mary has ‘minders’ watching out for her and protecting her, she is not alone.

If you care, be there.

Never give in, never give up.


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