Ada TV Star Hasan Hasturer is Issued Only One Libel Writ!

Forget about The Oscars, Hasan Hasturer in the award winning performance on his Ada TV programme received LIBEL WRITS! If you think Akfinans Bank has gone entirely mad, I will not disagree with you.

In the article below, from Cyprus Star, many of the facts have been confused. In fact reading it I wonder if perhaps a phone call to Pauline would have been prudent as so much is incorrect

£5,800 is long way from 58TL, perhaps Cyprus Star might like Pauline to write her own articles, the facts would then be smack on. There you are Pauline, rewrite this article with facts correctly quoted and send it to the Cyprus Star; if they refuse it then I am sure NCFP will print it.

This programme won everyone a nomination to appear at the Girne District Court accused of Libel. About time Pauline Read took some action on the Libel levelled at her on behalf of their clients by Talat Kursat and also against Yeniduzen and Halkin Sesi for not allowing a right of reply to their Press Release of the 2 March 2012.

Come on Pauline we know you have fire in your belly, do something.

OB Joyful

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