A Conference on “Action against Eviction”, at Pia Bella Hotel, Girne 3pm on Tuesday 23/8/2011

A Conference on “Action against Eviction”, at Pia Bella Hotel, Girne 3pm on
Tuesday 23rd August called by Making North Cyprus Better Movement
Making North Cyprus Better Movement (MNCBM), are a new Euro-Anglo-Cypriot
Movement started by people who presently have no property problems but are
shocked by the injustice served to house owners in TRNC and the Governments
lack of urgent effective action to do anything about it. The formation
Committee is Chairman Rahmi Ozsan, Vice Chairman Attila Berberoglu, Joint
Secretary Gultac Ozsan, Joint Secretary Malcolm Mitcheson, Hon Legal Adviser
Boyson Boyra.
We applaud the Kulaksiz 5 (K5) residents for their stand against the
Akfinans Bank Ltd.’s illegal actions to take possession of their houses
worth collectively over £750,000 even though their ownership of the homes
pre-dated the £41,600 mortgage granted by Akfinans to the developer.
We are aware that Olive Grove development, Essentepe and Mosgul Apartments,
Kucuk  Kaymakll, Lefkosa, and many others that involve over 1000 European
and Cypriot homeowners who face imminent legal action.
If you lead or represent a group of homeowners facing or worried about legal
action over eviction from your homes or are NGO concerned about this please
attend our conference at the Pia Bella Hotel on Tuesday 23rd August.
We expect the legal challenges will escalate in numbers as more homeowners
become aware of their rights under TRNC and International law. The legal
principles involved in the K5 and these other cases are the same as those
involved with thousands of homebuyers, many Cypriots and Foreigners are
affected. This issue is important to all in the TRNC who want to see the law
and their legal rights respected. Our investigations into this matter have
discovered that there are a large number of people on many sites who could
be dispossessed of their property if the Government does not act urgently.
We have written to the Prime Minister calling for immediate action, asking
him to stop all repossession proceedings until the laws are clarified and
amendments made in favour of home owners.
We have an electronic information pack that includes:
1    Copy of the open letter to the Prime Minister demanding urgent
action and detailing the action required from his TRNC Government.
2    Kulaksiz 5 eminent legal opinion
4    A Letter from a Huseyin Mercil, a Cypriot, in English and Turkish,
living at Olive Grove, facing potential eviction by the Koop Bank.
If you would like a copy please come to our conference and write down your
email address and we will have a copy forwarded to you.
We expect the publication of these facts together with our eight proposals
to the Prime Minister will bring a big public response for him to act now to
prevent this tragedy getting worse. Our first proposal is for an immediate
moratorium on evictions until the law is amended or clarified and homeowners
rights upheld.
We wish to fully acknowledge the work done to date and support given to
families involved in these tragedies by groups such as the HBPG, ATCA, BRS,
the “Stop the Blackmail” campaign and other” supportive NGO’s and hope they
will join with us in this call for an immediate moratorium and action on the
eight proposals demanded from the government.
The eight proposals are:
It is now imperative that the Government take action to correct matters, to
ensure that:

1)    Mortgage repossession proceedings are suspended with regard to all
homes in TRNC until enacting new laws or reinforcing existing laws and
procedures as detailed in this 8 point proposal.

2)    The rule of law prevails in North Cyprus and any indirect way of
stealing is not allowed. There should be heavy penalties for ignoring TRNC
laws or attempting to mislead the Courts. To state clearly the TRNC
Government is the ultimate guarantor of contracts and is obligated to fulfil
their conditions

3)    With the exceptions of undesirable aliens and designated land areas
made known to Solicitors, that “permission to purchase” is a quick process
and that contracts are registered as part of that process..

4)    Home buyers’ contracts signed in good faith are binding and are
unequivocally respected by the Courts.

5)    The government instructs the Central Bank to notify all Banks that
the rules of TRNC Mortgage Law 11/78 cannot be ignored by a creditor and
that they will be enforced by the Courts. That for the avoidance of doubt,
any creditor needs to search and declare any houses on any secured land and
that any contracts of home buyers are binding on any creditor too.

6)    Homes cannot be taken away from residents without their knowledge or
by fraudulent tricks. When a landowner or creditor allows a home to be built
or sold on his land he cannot ignore the sales contracts and grab the homes
of home buyers, as in 5 above any creditor is also bound by the same

7)    Kocans should be transferred to homebuyers as soon as they have
completed their contracted obligations without any further payment to any
creditor, landowner, developer or solicitor.

8)    The Government confirm that TRNC Kocans are secure title and that
Turkey is the ultimate Guarantor.

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