“My naive belief in the ultimate fairness of the TRNC Justice system” by Pauline Read

Above all things my belief system is most important. I truly believe in God and know he is the final Judge in all things.  I have also in the past tried to be fair in my dealings with people in giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Reflecting on all the things that have happened to me since coming to the TRNC, I realise now that when I look in the mirror I see a much changed person. What has brought about so dramatic a change?

It starts with my naive belief in the ultimate fairness of the TRNC Justice system.

When the home that I bought here was not finished in the prescribed time, I trustingly believed the builder when he said he would finish it. It is still not finished to Contract today, almost five years after the Contract finish date.

When the subsidence first showed itself, I believed the builder when he said don’t worry, he would fix it. He tried in November 2006 and again in March 2008, yet still it is subsiding even as I write this.

I believed the builder when he said I would have normal tariff electricity, today it is still at builders’ tariff; three times the normal rate. Now I cannot use it as Akfinans have locked me out of the villa, changed the locks and cut off the electricity, all without an Eviction Notice.

When registering my Contract with the Land Registry, and being told there was a mortgage on MY land, I told myself, no the government would never allow that. They did.

When I was told that the payments on this mortgage had not been made, and that the balance had grown phenomenally because of an 80% quarterly compound interest rate, I said no, that must be wrong, no reputable Bank would charge such an extortionate rate. Akfinans Bank Limited did.

When I found out that the TRNC judicial system had given Akfinans Bank Limited a repossession court order on MY home, I said no, they would never allow that without involving me, the owner. They did.

When I was told there was an auction of my home being advertised on the coffee shop window in Karşiyaka, I said no, they would never do that without involving me. They did.

When the date of the auction arrived and they sold my home, I believed that.

When my home was broken into and my locks changed and my partner almost killed by a car being deliberately driven at him. I believed that.

When a police investigation exonerated the Turkish Cypriots involved in the crime but never bothered to tell the complainant. I believed that.

Now my neighbours are facing eviction proceedings and I believe they will throw them out of their homes.

I have read in the papers that the Government intend to set of a Five Wisemen Committee to sort out Kulaksiz 5 first and then other cases. I will believe that only when the words become actions. My belief in the inherent good in people has been eroded. We can judge how good that committee is by what happens to the Kulaksiz 5 pensioners, so far they seem unconcerned about the stress being placed upon these elderly and frail people

Despite all this, my belief in God and in His Final Judgement has not been eroded.

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