Kyrenia Hotel Staff Attack Public Beach Access Protesters

Kyrenia Hotel Staff Attack Public Beach Access ProtestersI’ve been reading about a group of protesters who are trying to prevent hotels turning public beaches into their own private beaches, despite this being illegal. According to The Cyprus Weekly, protestors were attacked by hotel staff who ‘tried to take our camera by force.’

The same has been happening in California in the United States, where wealthy property owners are hiring security staff to eject members of the public from public beaches adjacent to their property. They are even persuading local sheriffs to break the law. In the USA, they are so threatening and persistent that even a government employee sent to investigate the situation, armed with the necessary documents, felt intimidated. That was until a law was passed which meant that anyone violating the rule could be fined $11,250 per day for breaking the law.

Now, I fully respect groups of people in North Cyprus who make these protests but personally I’m not prepared to spoil my day with a confrontation and a police visit, that’s not how I go about relaxing. Until the TRNC goverment adds teeth to legislation controlling public beaches nothing will change. Even then, just like fines for not wearing helmets when riding a motor cycle or using a mobile phone while driving, unless laws are enforced then you’re wasting your time protesting. Just ask all those scammed out of their life savings when buying property they never receive title deeds for.

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3 comments to Kyrenia Hotel Staff Attack Public Beach Access Protesters

  • fluter

    Quite right Dom, and all apparently supported by the TRNC government!

    Carry on my Cousin, we will see you OK.

    Dreadful place. And people are asking me to sign a petition for “recognition”. If that place is recognised, it will continue to be run by and for the same mafiosi. The TC man-in-the-street will gain absolutely nothing from it.

  • Polly Marples

    Too bloody true fluter. The elite would have great difficulty walking in a straight line. The country is too corrupt to join the real world.

  • fluter

    Spot on Polly!