K5 v Akfinans Bank | Who Is Mustafa Guner?

Akfinans directors. Mustafa GunerWITHOUT PREJUDICE

I was asked today why I wanted to know who MUSTAFA GUNER is.

The reason is simple. He is allegedly the former Director of Akfinans Bank Limited who under Kocan number 8451 allegedly has my villa at 5 Demokrasi Sokak, Karsiyaka registered at the Tapu in his name.

I want to ask him if he knows why my villa was taken by force when the bank illegally broke in on the 30th July 2010?

I want to ask him if he paid any money for my villa?

I want to ask him if and why he was party to this transaction and why if he was, does allows the bank to use it?

I want to ask him if he agrees it is okay to be party to helping to take the life savings of pensioners?

I wanted to ask him if he was aware of the Judgement that came out of Kyrenia District Court on the 4th December 2014, which if upheld on Appeal could allegedly see him having stolen property in his name?

The information about this transfer was given voluntarily to our advocate on the 3rd October 2012 by the Advocate acting for the bank so one has to assume it is kosher. Doesn’t one? At the same time all the other Kocan numbers were given too, which totaled 15 in all, two more than even I was aware of.

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28 comments to K5 v Akfinans Bank | Who Is Mustafa Guner?

  • Polly Marples

    Mr Editor, can you change the Y to R in the first sentence. It is MUSTAFA GUNER. not Guney.

  • I see on the Akfinans Bank website, English section, that the bank deal in abortion pills. Is this relevant?

  • Polly Marples

    How very odd Mike. How very un Islami

  • Polly Marples


  • Miltiades

    No more ” un Islamic ” than beheadings, suicide bombings, or indeed stoning a woman to death for using a mobile phone !!

  • Polly Marples

    Of course it is, but stick to the topic, the bank.

  • Miltiades

    Polly, haven’t you yet realized that this PRIVATE bank is run by crooks !!!

  • Polly Marples

    I think Pauline got that one, Mutley. The clues were in the actions, like breaking into and taking Pauline’s villa, then trying to run her partner over with a motor vehicle, then breaking into and taking Eva McCluskey’s house. Then illegally transferring Pauline’s house into the name of former Director of the bank who it seems likely is an active member of the UBP party. Just a few examples of the many acts of intimidation. When you are doing wrong, you do not want it pointed out, the bank went to great lengths to try to silence everyone.

    Not to mention the campaigns in the Turkish language newspapers to have her deported for just telling the truth. Now surprise, surprise, the Judge in the main case hearing agrees with her, the mortgages were fraudulent and there was collusion going on.

  • Miltiades

    I wonder what his, the judge’s, expiry date will be.

    If anyone thinks that they will get justice from Turkey then they are more naïve than I took them for. Don’t believe me ? Ask an Armenian or a Kurd.

  • AM

    I sometimes get the impression you don’t like Turkey milti
    Thats a shame because they will be in you face until you draw your last breath.
    Try to forgive and forget eh……you know it makes sense.

  • Miltiades

    Did you like the Nazis ??
    Turkey will depart sooner or later.
    Erdogan with his quest to make Turkey a fundamental Islamic nation, will see to that. Did you know that Cyprus has been a Christian nation for over 2 thousand years ?

    No you did not, you are far too blooming stupid to have known this. Get lost you peasant !

  • AM

    Just shows your inability to think straight really to compare Turkey to Nazi Germany what an absolute clown.

    You really do need to channel your anger towards your Government and the Govenment of the north because they are the only ones who can sort this out.
    Your constant berating of Turkey , people who live in the north and people who have chosen to buy in the north are not the ones that can give you what your heart desires.
    Coming on here does absolutely nothing for your cause but gives us all a laugh at your expense anyway 🙂
    And to further burst your bubble (pardon the pun) i am going nowhere so you will have to put up with me for the foreseeable future. Ok?

  • Miltiades

    Greek genocide[5][6][7][8] 1914–1923 Ottoman Empire 500,000–900,000 Young Turk government Greeks Reports detail systematic massacres, deportations, individual killings, rapes, burning of entire Greek villages, destruction of Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries, drafts for “Labor Brigades”, looting, terrorism and other atrocities[9][10]
    Assyrian genocide[11] 1914–1925 Ottoman Empire 270,000–750,000 Young Turk government Assyrians Denied by the Turkish government
    Armenian Genocide 1915–1923 Ottoman Empire 600,000–1,800,000 Young Turk government Armenians The Armenians of the eastern regions of the empire were systematically massacred. The Turkish government currently denies the genocide. Considered the first modern genocide by scholars.[12][13][14] It is the second most studied case of genocide after the Holocaust.[15]
    Massacres in the Çoruh River valley 1916[16] 45,000[16] Cossack regiments Turks and Kurds

    Smyrna, Pontus, Asia Minor 1919-1923 Mainly Smyrna, Pontus, Asia Minor regions 453,000 Turks Greeks Estimated between 340,000 to 611,000. Includes Catastrophe of Smyrna.[17] Approx. 353,000 deaths from Black Sea region.[18]
    Kars, Alexandropol, Cilicia 1919-1923 Mainly Kars, Alexandropol, Cilicia regions 440,000 Turks (mainly), Kurds, Azeris Armenians Estimated between 325,000 to 545,000.[17]
    Asia Minor 1919-1922 Asia Minor 15,000[17] Greeks Turks


  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”unsubstantiated propaganda”]Zilan massacre July 1930 Van Province 4,500-47,000[19] Turkish security forces Sunni Kurds 5,000 women, children, and the elderly were reportedly killed[20]
    Dersim Massacre Summer 1937-Spring 1938 Tunceli Province 13,806-70,000[21] Turkish security forces Alevi Zazas The killings have been condemned by some as an ethnocide or genocide[22][23[/shush]

  • Miltiades

    AM wishes that Turkey had taken all of Cyprus.

    Here is what they did in the 1974 barbaric invasion:

    Relevant Article of the European Convention on Human Rights: ‘No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment… (Article 3).

    [shush reason=”unsubstantiated propaganda”]Charge laid against Turkey: Turkish troops were responsible for wholesale and repeated rapes of women of all ages from 12 to 71, sometimes to such an extent that the victims suffered haemorrages or became mental wrecks. In some areas, enforced prostitution was practised, all women and girls of a village being collected and put into separate rooms in empty houses where they were raped repeatedly. In certain cases members of the same family were repeatedly raped, some of them in front of their own children. In other cases women were brutally raped in public. Rapes were on many occasions accompanied by brutalities such as violent biting of the victims causing severe wounding, banging their heads on the floor and wringing their throats almost to the point of suffocation. In some cases attempts at rape were followed by the stabbing or killing of the victims. Victims included pregnant and mentally retarded women.
    Turkey’s defence: No answer was given to these charges and Turkey boycotted the Commission’s proceedings once her jurisdictional objection was rejected. Commission’s verdict:[/shush]

  • Dominic Freeman

    Erm, Milt, some of those massacres were at the hands of Greeks, e.g. the last one

  • AM

    As said. ” unsubstantiated propaganda ”

    This idiot is full of pap

  • Miltiades

    Turkey has one of the worst human rights records, only morons such as you peasants are in denial.

  • AM

    Such a hypocrite.

    Slags off Turkey then welcomes the hand of Russia who have a less than good reputation on human rights.

    I think he now has the “Selective Criticism” disorder to go with the rest of his ailments .

  • Jerry

    AM if you bothered to keep up with events in Turkey you would see that Turkish commentators themselves are slagging off Turkey and its Fuehrer.

    Here’s a sample.




  • Miltiades

    well i’ll be damned !!! Didnt know that Russia had invaded Cyprus killing more than 5000 Cypriots, raping young and old, abducting hundreds of Cypriots and stealing our lands and still occupying them

    You senile old fool !!

  • Polly Marples

    You probably will be…damned that is.

    Get back on topic Mutley.

  • AM

    I suppose Georgia and the Ukraine don’t count then !

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, on the off-chance that your original Xmas message included me too, then, although you seem to have reverted to your normal, unpleasant, slagging self, I wish you a very peaceful and healthy 2015.

    Along, it goes without saying, with all the regular, normal, pleasant NCFPers….

  • Miltiades

    Christmas is the time for good will to all.( ISIS the SAVAGES EXCULDED).
    Merry Xmas to you and your family.

  • AM

    Well another year done and still no nearer a solution ?

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Malcolm Channing

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all our readers

  • fluter

    And to you and the family Malcolm, and to all board members.

    Have a great time, we have snow due this weekend. Should have come to TRNC for Christmas.