Cafer Yucelgazi, of Incesu Property Victims fame, answers his critics

Yesterday I was in Lefkoşa with a colleague on Stop the Blackmail business lobbying for those who will be affected if the Auction on the 27th November goes ahead. The best outcome would be for the Auction, and all such Auctions, to be cancelled. At this stage we may just have to settle for […]

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Incesu: HBPG – Sener Law Firm [Hildygate]

From: xxxx

Sent: 20 June 2009 8:35 PM

To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘Ayhan Sener’

Subject: Incesu Plot 10

Hi Mustafa & Ayhan

I had a conversation with Alessina on Friday which has left me stunned and I feel that I am unable to comprehend the circumstances in which I find myself.

Alessina stated

1. Cafer has […]

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Hasan Sungur’s Rejected Offer to Incesu Victim Catherine Meddes

My article on Mr. Sungur’s replies to his critics went down very much as I expected. Perhaps the vehemence about my gullibility or indeed my ability as a writer was a little unexpected considering I made it quite clear when I wrote ‘I have reported as accurately as possible the facts supplied to me […]

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