The T-VINE Christmas Party

The T-VINE Christmas Party will mix Turkish sparkle with British festive delights

T-VINE, the UK’s first English-language consumer magazine for British Turks, is hosting its Christmas Party on Sunday 22 December. The ‘variety show’ style event includes a 3-course meal, live music, comedy, dancing, DJs and more. The party is taking place at Turkish […]

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Opinion | Everyone Wants Your Money

Opinion – Everyone Wants Your Money

BT are joining in the money grab that is sweeping the country lately. They sent me an e-mail to say that they are going to start charging rental for the internet phone. I receive few calls on this phone and using the landline is free within the UK, […]

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Opinion | Asil Nadir’s Wife Wants £5m Divorce

‘Bankrupt’ Asil Nadir’s wife wants a £5m divorce settlement from the wealth he said he never had and which should have gone towards his tax-payer funded defence, if this money existed. […]

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