North Cyprus Property Victims | British Justice v TRNC Justice

This article goes back almost 20 years to 1993 when Mr Nadir was not wearing a tag around his ankle and facing his accusers of criminal fraud he had fled from. I am sure Mr Nadir had his reasons for returning to clear his name although I do not know if I would have […]

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Pauline Read expresses her Outrage against Akfinans Bank

This email was received by me from Pauline Read and with her permission I am publishing her personal opinion unedited for legal reasons:

“It would seem, as usual, the bank applies its double standards. You may not utter our name but we can say exactly what we please, through our Advocate Talat […]

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Akfinans Bank v Pauline Read | “a violation of my privacy and my Human Rights”

Pauline Read has sent the following to me as an answer to, in my opinion, libellous statements against her made by Akfinans Bank in Yeniduzen newspaper. She is now terrified that Akfinans Bank will issue writs against everything she publishes and, as you will see, is afraid to even mention their name when defending […]

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