Modern Poetry | First Jump

Modern Poetry – First Jump. The motto of the RAF Parachute Training School is ‘Knowledge Dispels Fear’ yes, right, I believe you. Normally the first exit for a trainee Parachutist would be from a balloon or a helicopter, neither were available at RAF Akrotiri so it was from a C130 ‘Hercules’ Configured with an […]

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Modern Poetry – Night Flight

Modern Poetry – Night Flight. Time travelling, visiting a woman.

Night Flight

Flying high over a boat My dream returned. Not lost, remembered New dreams now. A woman to love Nurture and cherish. At times to ravish Each other. Making a dream Come true. Is easy with love A partner. […]

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Modern Poetry | One Star

Modern Poetry – One Star

One Star

I thought of you and who you lost Not for jealous purpose. But to admire and applaud What you were, so in love. He was a very privileged man You a privileged woman. How time is short Changing time, love lost, but. Love […]

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