Nige’s Stop the Blackmail Group Names and Shames

John Good, aka Nigel Watson, has gone one step further than most property victims would dare, he has named and shamed those who are blackmailing him personally. This extract reproduced from the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus FaceBook Group (not Pauline Read’s original group) shows there is one case where he is willing […]

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Original Stop the Blackmail FB Group asks members to invite friends

We have seen so many attempts to silence the truth during this time of evil in north Cyprus.

Crude email threats to Pauline Read. Even cruder face-to-face threats. A very nasty smear campaign through the Turkish language press to demonise a lady of shall we say, advancing years. Even calls for her deportation through […]

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Afrika Gazetesi Revisits Akfinans Bank Story


I noticed yesterday that Afrika Gazetesi brought back from their archives a front page from 29th Haziran 2011, the headline “KULAKSIZIN KULAGI”. It seems they too realise that still absolutely nothing has been done by the Government to address the K5 problem or indeed any property scam problem. Afrika Gazetesi is the […]

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