North Cyprus Forums | CAC’s Chris Arif Wishes FLANC Well


The following conversation appeared on a FaceBook page overnight, under a link to Free LEGAL Advice in North Cyprus (FLANC):

“Chris Arif: Good luck to you and your solicitor on your new free advice FaceBook group and when you get your new premises, after paying your rent, phone, insurance etc, […]

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North Cyprus Law | Is Fraud a Criminal Offence in the TRNC?

Qu. What is the legal definition Fraud? Is Fraud also a Criminal Offence in the TRNC?

According to the Civil Wrong Law in the TRNC the definition of fraud is as follows;

‘’Fraud consists of a false representation of fact, made with the knowledge that it is false, or without […]

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North Cyprus Law | What to do if a Government Office fails in their Duty

Qu: What can you do if the Police or Land Registry Office or any government office refuses to use their authority or refuses to do their duty?

An “Order of Mandamus’’ means an order issuing out of the Supreme Court (Appeal Court) requiring some person or body of persons, having a duty […]

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