Wilenco Tours – full day North Cyprus tours for as little as £18

If you want to experience a different holiday in Northern Cyprus (TRNC), you should contact us. We are situated in the Kyrenia/Girne area, on the northern coast, for more than 10 years and our licensed Tour Guides speak English, German and “Scandinavian”.

For you we have prepared a number of tours, which you will […]

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Why are there so few tourists in the TRNC?

Perhaps the simple answer is that the government do not want foreigners in the country? Be they Turks, British, Martians or whatever, in fact they seem not to even want returning Turkish Cypriots. So what would happen to the country if it becomes insular and only the Turkish Cypriots who never left and the […]

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The Forgotten Fourth Fortress

My map shows the location of the Forgotten Fourth Fortress, which was probably built as a watch tower. From the fortress soldiers could oversee the Mesoaria plain as far as Morphou (now Güzelyurt) and warn the Royal Palace in Nicosia with fire signals if invaders entered Cyprus from the West. Although […]

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