3Cyprus – some North Cyprus & Turkish ISPs won’t allow it!

After receiving an email saying that one ‘3C’ reader was unable to load 3Cyprus I investigated and discovered that the host it uses is banned in Turkey! I didn’t investigate further but if you want to see what is happening at 3Cyprus.com then you can load www.anonymous.org first and then type www.3cypus.com into the […]

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3Cyprus.com Forum relaunched

Because of requests from members, I’ve decided to relaunch 3Cyprus.com Forum. Don’t forget that it is YOUR Forum. I don’t mean you as a group, I mean you, the reader. I mean that you can do what you wish to the forum within a narrow range of restrictions.

I’ll start and end with the […]

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Fed up with your TRNC Property Problem being ignored?

It was watching “HildySmith”’s posts on Cyprus44 disappear from view as she desperately tried to keep the issues surrounding Hasan Sungur’s Incesu Villas in the public eye. Like all such posts, after a short while they disappear and posters move onto the next issue of the day.

Well, 3Cyprus Forum is different. There, if […]

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