Levant News | Israel Declares War on Anonymous Group

Levant News – while Israel has not explicitly declared war on the hacker group Anonymous, the group’s activities in attacking Israeli websites has led to them being declared terrorists by the Israeli government. While the government has responded effectively to these attacks and says that essential websites are operating, several of the Anonymous group […]

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Levant News | Palestinian Authority UN Bid | Avaaz

As bombs rain down on Gaza, Palestinians and Israelis are on the brink of another cycle of violence and vengeance. But, right now, the Palestinian Authority is preparing a bid to the UN that could be the best chance for peace. Let’s help them win it.

While people in southern Israel live in fear […]

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Levant News | Another Israel-Gaza War About to Start?

Levant News – according to Israeli sources, the killing of the Hamas military chief was in response to 128 rockets being fired into southern Israel. The Hamas response has been to fire a further 95 rockets into southern Israel. Currently, Israel is responding by targeting military installations within Gaza in order to prevent this […]

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