Viewing the Perseids Meteor shower spoilt by full moon this year

August is the time for falling stars; I don’t mean eminent building companies. The Perseid Meteor shower was here again this year, with the shower peak through to Saturday morning coinciding with a near-full moon (due on the evening of the 13th), probably only the brightest of the meteors will be visible each hour.


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Robin’s Snippets – Ashtrays on Motorbikes

Thinking, which is a relatively rare thing since coming to North Cyprus, about life’s unnecessaries. I paused to ponder some of the complete wastes of space there are here; not to mention waste of money.

It’s a short list for now, prompted by Pauline Read’s article on the PCO/PIO; which, by the way, tops […]

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Robin’s Snippets: Turkish Government issues arrest warrants for seven top officers

Seven generals and admirals accused of trying to undermine the government have had arrest warrants issued against them. Those listed on the warrants have been at the centre of continuing investigation for their alleged involvement in creating anti-government websites in 2009.

Two top ranking generals, Gen Nusret Tasdeler, head of the army’s educational command, […]

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