Robin’s Snippets – Heady Or Headless Days

A press release on 4th September 2011 with the title “Solution 82“ was issued by the TDV (Türk Demokrasi Vakfi) with reference to the Cyprob. The contents reflect the reluctance of the GC side to agree to compromises in the almost 50 year old conflict. The negative attitude of the GC side gave the […]

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Robin’s Snippets – it’s only a joke Mr Kücük

So here’s a little moral story, lifted admittedly from the annals of the late, great and much lamented German Democratic Republic. But, there are so many parallels which make the rewrite acceptable.

The Prime Minister and his deputy are doing a tour of the country, thinking it’s about time he showed face as the […]

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Robin’s Snippets – Soporifics for the Brits in North Cyprus

It has dawned on me a long time ago that the English print media here in North Cyprus are really not up to much in the way of printing news. Either they must think that the daily goings on the Island are not of interest or there may be something more sinister afoot.

I […]

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