UK Turkish Embassy protest and TRNC Candlelit Vigil on October 4th 2010

Candlelit Vigil

The 4th of October 2010 – the date set when ABAG and all victims of property related scams in North Cyprus will gather outside the Turkish Embassy in London to protest against the TRNC and by association for Turkey allowing these scams to happen on their watch. The start time will […]

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Orams appeal against the Apostolides appeal rejected – 31/3/2010

The British Supreme Court Wednesday rejected Linda and David Orams’ appeal against the ruling of the British Court of Appeal in the case of Apostolides’ appeal…

This news was not unexpected, especially as the original case was launched before the ECHR declared that the Immovable Property Commission was now the only route for solving […]

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Aga Saga – would you put up with the put offs?

These are the results of the United Amaranta Buyers (UAB) Meeting held on 30th January 2010 after which we have answered Q.13. Anyone still not sure whether to join the Aga Buyers Action Group (ABAG) in the Tsimpedes lawsuit, we draw their attention to the answer to this question and also the questions regarding […]

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