A cat’s lick and a promise – the Wise Committee

Victim’s beware?

Well it looks like it is happening again. Back in 2006 the Home Buyers Pressure Group started to put real pressure on the CTP government of the time, they threatened to protest outside Parliament and to expose to the media the 100s of cases they’d been sent showing the scams which […]

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Akfinans Bank Limited “human rights violation” taken to ECHR

At last I am able to talk about the fact that having exhausted every legal avenue, Kulaksiz 5 have been forced to put their case to the European Court of Human Rights. There are other cases running locally in tandem with this case, but this is by far the most important and the one […]

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HBPG and Construction Union’s plan to solve property crisis in TRNC

The Committee

According to Cyprus Today (15/9/2010) the Home Buyers’ Pressure Group (HBPG) and the Construction Union have put together a rescue plan for those who find their builder is unable to finish their home within the sum of money agreed in the original contract. All of us who live here can see […]

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