in Cyprus Today | 22/8/2012

Did drug baron own Tatar car? – doubts are raised over TRNC Finance Minister’s second car. A drug dealer’s car had been legally taken by the TRNC government after the drug dealer owner failed to collect it. A former advisor to the President said on TV that he believed that Ersin Tatar now had […]

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Polly Peck | Asil Nadir Found Guilty of Theft so what about Ersin Tatar?

Cyprus News – the Jury at the Old Bailey has found Asil Nadir guilty of theft from Polly Peck to the tune of £6 million so far. He has been cleared of one charge but the Jury are still considering a further nine charges after being given a majority direction by the Judge in […]

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Cyprus Today 30/12/2009 | Mr Tatar says “we will never desert you”


CYPRUS TODAY December 30th 2009 – Headlines: “We will never desert you“.

As the late lamented Alf Garnet would have said “you couldn’t bleeding make it up”. Well Mr Tatar, I really guffawed when I read this little gem. If I didn’t know what your day job is, well I would think […]

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