Citizen’s Advice Cyprus | NCFP now Banned by Chris Arif?

An Administrator on Citizen’s Advice Cyprus (CAC) seems now to have banned my NCFP account with them. I can’t see why Pembe Ibrahim would do this as we don’t seem to have any issues between us. However Admin Chris Arif and I did energetically exchange views a few weeks ago so I wonder if […]

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Citizen’s Advice Cyprus | Sevilla Construction’s Esentepe Victims Receive Title Deeds

Having just read the following on CAC FaceBook group I feel these facts need to be communicated to NCFP readers:

“I have been unable to post for the last week or so as we at CITIZENS ADVICE CYPRUS have been working closely with certain housing projects, we are still trying to negotiate […]

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NCFP Criticised For Repeating Verified TRNC Finance Minister Facts

It would seem Ms. Pembe is upset yet again with the content of NCFP. It is gratifying to know she reads us so avidly. It is amazing that she was allowed to make the claim that the writer had written about the Finance Minister because the content was not property related.

Well if she […]

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