Afrika Gazetesi Revisits Akfinans Bank Story


I noticed yesterday that Afrika Gazetesi brought back from their archives a front page from 29th Haziran 2011, the headline “KULAKSIZIN KULAGI”. It seems they too realise that still absolutely nothing has been done by the Government to address the K5 problem or indeed any property scam problem. Afrika Gazetesi is the […]

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Malicious Censorship at StopThe Blackmail in North Cyprus Forum

Censorship at Stop The Blackmail in North Cyprus (STBINC) has become crippling recently. As an experiment I tried posting some fairly innocuous comments under my real name “Malcolm Channing”. I did this because I had a feeling that one of the Administrators was using a property issues forum for their own personal promotion. Part […]

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Pauline Read Learns Self Defence

Without Prejudice

Lady Justice, oh what an elusive lady you are. I read with a certain amount of disbelief that the Bank had applied to the Girne Court for the right to serve a Writ for Libel on Pauline Read by being allowed to merely tape it to her front door and put a […]

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