Original Stop the Blackmail FB Group asks members to invite friends

We have seen so many attempts to silence the truth during this time of evil in north Cyprus.

Crude email threats to Pauline Read. Even cruder face-to-face threats. A very nasty smear campaign through the Turkish language press to demonise a lady of shall we say, advancing years. Even calls for her deportation through […]

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Stop The Blackmail Prevents Response to Lies

I know that Pauline has moved on from wasting her energy on Stop the Blackmail but, in order to lay the issue to rest, I felt the need to make sure that truth isn’t a victim in this dispute. On the STBINC FaceBook Forum, any criticism of ‘John Good”s view of what happened has […]

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Pauline Read Learns Self Defence

Without Prejudice

Lady Justice, oh what an elusive lady you are. I read with a certain amount of disbelief that the Bank had applied to the Girne Court for the right to serve a Writ for Libel on Pauline Read by being allowed to merely tape it to her front door and put a […]

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