Pastor Youcef Released by Iran Court

You will recall I brought the plight of Pastor Youcef to the pages of NCFP previously. It is with great joy that I bring news of his release. My strong belief as a Christian sustains me and what an example Youcef has been to every Christian in the world. God is good and has […]

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Freedom of Opinion | Turkish Cypriots Call for Expats to Rally for Nadir


Instead of protesting the outcome of a case that at Appeal could be changed completely, why don’t the people who are criticising the UK Legal system and conjuring up all sorts of conspiracy theories, none of which I buy into, redirect their anger at their own legal system that is old fashioned […]

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Pauline Read’s Bank Petition Provokes Anger – 2009 Revisited

I think Pauline Read could be forgiven for thinking she has been campaigning forever. Certainly along the way she has experienced some odd reactions to her efforts, this NCFP blast from the past records when she had liver spat into her face and decided she would be investing in a hard hat and a […]

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