Front Page North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 4th July 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 4th July 2020The Front Page North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 4th July 2020 consists of a single confusing article about people being banned from publishing criticism on the Internet, including a restaurant review. Good luck to North Cyprus trying to ban Trip Advisor or FaceBook. If you didn’t like something, it’s your opinion and anyone who criticises your opinion online, under these laws, could also open themselves up to legal action. How ridiculous, except for the lawyers who will get even richer.


KEYBOARD WARRIORS ‘GAGGED’ – A NEW law introduced this week to combat so-called cyber crime could also be used to stifle criticism on the internet, with one senior politician warning that “the era of keyboard warriors has come to an end.”

The Information Technology law also requires online sites offering “news” content to register, and publish the name of their editor, or face shutdown. It also refers to protecting the rights and reputations of others, which critics say could lead to legal action against anyone who posts something critical online, such as a restaurant review or complaints about professional services.


Dirty tactics over clean up bill – ALAGADİ residents claim their local mayor is refusing them water unless they pay 500TL per household for a clean up of an area, they say, has nothing to do with them. The two day removal of accumulated rubbish took place in the residential and resturant area in front of the wellknown “goat shed” headquarters of the Turtle Project. Retired train driver Mark Bunney who lives higher up the hill in a separate developement said: “Green waste had built up so much in the street near St Kathleen’s Restaurant that we couldn’t get down there.

“Esentepe municipality sent a lorry, a JCB and four workers who cleared it all in two days. Then we were told we owed 500TL per household — there are around 72, I have counted them. We were given no breakdown of the costs and now my neighbours were sent away after they went to top up their water and told pay up or no water.”

UK flights ‘could start in August’ – THE United Kingdom is likely to be included on the list of countries from which travel to Cyprus is allowed next month, a senior scientific advisor said. Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Infection Prevention and Control at the European University in Nicosia, Constantinos Tsioutis, said it was very likely that the United Kingdom will be included in one of the groups of countries from which visitors are allowed to come to the South. If that is the case, then it will be Group B, which requires passengers arriving to Cyprus to have a valid negative corona virus certificate, he said.

Everything depends on the epidemiological picture the country will present in the coming days he said, adding that on the basis of the data so far it would be “very difficult for it to be included in any group in the coming weeks.”

“It is my personal estimation that right now it (theUK) could not be included in a group, whether A or B, and if it is decided to include it in a group it will B and it would have to be done towards the end of this month, possibly in August, provided that the epidemiological picture is that there is a reduction (in cases),” the expert said.

New threat to Greatstone homeowners – THIRTEEN expat homeowners on a Lapta housing estate are being asked to pay six figure sums for properties they have already paid for, or face eviction. The landowner of the Greatstone site wants £138,000 for the houses in a new move designed to settle a long-running dispute. But the owners say they have already paid all fees and taxes and have asked the government to intervene. They have appealed to Prime Minister Ersin Tatar and deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Kudret Özersay for help – calling for the land in question to be “expropriated by the state” for the “interest of the public.”

The case stems from a dispute between landowner Bülent Yüksekbaş and developer Taşer Niyazi Hilkat. UK-born Mr Hilkat, a partner in family-run construction firm Greatstone, had agreed with Mr Yüksekbaş to build 19 houses on the site, with 13 of them to be sold and the remainder handed over to the landowner. However Mr Yüksekbaş’s properties were not finished before the builder quit the TRNC some years ago to return to Britain.

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1 comment to Front Page North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 4th July 2020

  • Polly Marples

    Hahahaha A LAW I have no doubt worded to protect the family. We know nepotism, cronyism and corruption is a way of life there. Seems Ertug Kader got short shift from the Worcester City police when not once, but twice he presented himself to them to report our Pauline for cyber harassment. Since when did the truth = harassment. Surely stealing her villa and then the High Court legitimising it is worth the telling. Never mind, let’s see how long their arm is cos I don’t see our Pauline shutting up any time soon and all she has to say is true with proof of that truth. Seems those living in the banana republic will have to rely on word of mouth now when they have a ‘crap’ meal.