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Top 100 Rock Songs | The Kinks | Lola

Monday, December 24, 2012
- by Top 100 Rock Songs

1x1.trans Top 100 Rock Songs | The Kinks | LolaLola by The Kinks is No.81 in the Rocks Song Top 100. In the book The Kinks: The Official Biography, Davies said that he was inspired to write this song after the band manager Robert Wace had spent the night dancing with a transvestite. Davies said, “In his apartment, Robert had been dancing with this black woman, and he said, ‘I’m really onto a thing here.’ And it was okay until we left at six in the morning and then I said, ‘Have you seen the stubble?’ He said ‘Yeah,’ but he was too pissed to care, I think.

1x1.trans Top 100 Rock Songs | The Kinks | Lola
1x1.trans Top 100 Rock Songs | The Kinks | Lola

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