Popular Science News | Viruses to be Used to Cure Cancer

Popular Science News – viruses are usually associated with the cause of diseases such as polio and smallpox. They work by invading cells and interfering with the genetic messages in them so that the cell duplicates more viruses instead of cells as it is supposed to. This process is now being harnessed to cure cancer.

The way the virus therapy is supposed to work is that these viruses will be injected into the bloodstream, make their way to the cancer and kill them. At the same time the virus will trigger the body’s immune system to produce antibodies which does the same thing. What amazed scientists at St James Hospital in Leeds was that they did not have to target the viruses but instead they homed onto the cancer automatically.

10 patients with bowel cancer which had spread to the liver were given an injection of the reovirus as it is called and:

“When researchers looked at pieces of tissue removed during surgery, they found ‘viral factories’ and active virus in the tumour, but not in normal liver. This confirmed the reovirus had been delivered to the cancer.”

Prospects of this treatment becoming standard alongside traditional treatments looks good.

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