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Popular Science News | UK's Government to Control InternetPopular Science News – UK is to become the only democratic government to control the Internet, according to Prime Minister David Cameron writing in the Daily Mail. Under the guise of being a child protection measure the UK government is going to force users of the internet with children to decide whether they want to leave the internet unfiltered or not. Not making a choice automatically turns on filters. Currently this measure seems sensible even though there will be no way of knowing what websites are on the banned list and, like in Turkey, websites can be added later without users’ knowledge.

Let’s say that down the road social networking sites become filled with anti-government messages, and calls for students to protest against it, and the government doesn’t like this. They could force internet providers to add social networks to the filtered list and argue that parents can turn the anti-porn filter off if they wish to be irresponsible. It isn’t an anti-porn filter and this was made clear in the Daily Mail article, it’s a filter to control what parents and the government believe others in their household should be reading. It’s a filter created by a government that wishes to control the ideas that developing adults are exposed to. It is Nanny State, pure and simple.

David Cameron writes, “from one parent to another, I pledge to do whatever I can to preserve that innocence and protect our children. Nothing matters more.”

Perhaps at sometime in the future a less democratic government will take this move one stage further and decide to protect the innocence of the electorate exposed to ideas the government finds unacceptable. MPs find it impossible to conceive of a world without government control. I guess television, books and newspapers will have to be controlled too as currently there are no filters on TVs and printed media. Will book banning be next? Will Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, the temperature that books burn, be first on the bonfire of banned books?




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