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Popular Science News – it’s approaching New Year and resolution time. Well here are the Top 5 Diets to Avoid:

1 – Party Girl IV Drip Diet.

This diet involves intravenously feeding a cocktail of vitamins and minerals into the body. This is supposed to be a pick-me-up and in a way it is, when you get the bill you have to pick yourself up from the floor after you see how much it costs. According to the  British Dietetic Association (BDA) this diet ‘carries possible side-effects such as dizziness, infection, inflammation of veins and, ultimately, anaphylactic shock.’

2 – Alcorexia/Drunkorexia Diet

Put bluntly this diet involves starving yourself so you can use the saved calories to binge on alcohol. For example, a saving of 10,000 calories ‘allows’ you to drink 40 pints of beer or cider a week or 130 glasses of wine. According to the BDA ‘this is madness, as you will most certainly not be getting the calories, vitamins and nutrients your body needs to survive and function. Alcohol has little nutrition other than calories and this diet could easily result in alcohol-poisoning or death.’

3 – Ketogenic enteral nutrition diet

This diet is controlled starvation, for 10 days food is fed through the nose directly into the stomach via a plastic tube forcing the body to burn fat for energy. The BDA says ‘it is shocking that people are electing to have nasogastric tubes inserted in order to lose weight. Not only that but one of the side-effects is having to take laxatives because this diet provides absolutely no fibre.’

4 – Dukan Diet

This  four-phase diet starts off with a protein-only ‘attack phase’ for ten days followed by ‘cruise’, ‘consolidation’ and ‘stabilisation’ phases. The  BDA states that ‘there is little solid science behind this. Cutting out food groups is not advisable and, in the long-term, could lead to problems like osteoporosis and kidney damage. Other problems include lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.’

5 – The Six Weeks to OMG Diet

Starts off good, in my opinion, exercise first thing in the morning after drinking black coffee, and put off eating for three hours. Then it starts getting odd. Sit in an ice-cold bath or in some way get cold so your body burns stored fat to stay warm. Fruit should be avoided and protein is encouraged.  BDA feels that ‘many people’s routine could not accommodate this and a healthy breakfast should be encouraged. The ‘rules’ and competitive diet element encourage extreme behaviour.’

I know it is easy to say that over-weight people should just cut down on the calories but the real cause of over-eating does not start with eating. Often people are comfort eating or eating when they are not hungry. It is dealing with this motivation for eating that will have the greatest success, in my opinion. I discovered that my own over-eating was based around post-war food shortages and rationing where my mother used to tell me to ‘eat it all up’ whether I was hungry or not. Confronted with my first mezes in North Cyprus, I realised that these instructions were insane!

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