Popular Science News | Software Monitors Child’s Phone

Children are being given their own mobile phone from a very early age and the risk of them receiving bullying or unsavoury emails has increased. The need to protect them has led to software being developed which monitors a child’s emails and contact list and can also limit phone use to sensible times.

Bemilo in conjunction with Vodafone have developed a Sim Card which costs £3.95pm or £2.95pm as a 12 month package. Calls cost 10p/min, texts 10p and the use of the internet is an expensive 25p/Mb. However, parents can control the amount of money being spent.

One problem I can see is that an intelligent child could replace the Sim Card during times s/he is banned from using it and this would not be detected by the parent. Similar problem were experienced by computer savvy children bypassing parental locks on PCs.

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