Popular Science News | How Do Cows Make Friends?

Popular Science News – firstly it has to be made clear that scientists are not trying to find out how cows make friends with the farmer, it’s about friendship with other cows. Dr Darren Croft, from the University of Exeter’s Animal Behaviour Research Group, said: “Emerging evidence on wild animal populations supports the idea that the group structure and relationships between the animals affect their health and wellbeing.”

I can’t help but wonder if cows have the same problems as humans and in some cases there are unpopular cows that others gossip about: “I bet she’s had them enhanced…”

The idea is to attach a collar to each cow and see what happens. They’ll monitor which cows stand close to other cows and see if there is any connection between a cow’s health and its interactions with other cows.

Oh well, who am I to criticise scientific research but perhaps they’ll discover that cows just wander around aimlessly eating grass.

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