Popular Science News | Diamond Mining on Planet 55 Cancri e

Popular Science News | Diamond Mining on Planet 55 Cancri ePopular Science News – sounds like science fantasy, mining for diamonds on Planet 55 Cancri e, and for the next century or so it will be, but if ever light speed space flights become possible then think again.

A planet named 55 Cancri e is made of diamonds, according to a Yale post-doctoral researcher in physics and astronomy. Unfortunately it’s 40 light years away. That’s an 80 year round trip at light speed. 1000kg of good quality diamonds would pay for the trip many times over depending on the size of each diamond. Five carat diamonds are worth massively more than five times the value of a one carat diamond.

Mind you, flooding the market with diamonds might depress the value a little. Any entrepreneur willing to invest in this scheme wouldn’t be around to pick up the profit and a lot can happen in the century the spacecraft would be away, even including mass production on Earth of similar quality diamonds. Oh well, only a dream then.

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