Popular Science News | Deep-Fried Mars Bar Disclaimer

Popular Science News Deep-Fried Mars Bar Disclaimer

It appears that the ‘Stonehaven Deep-Fried Mars Bar,’ as invented and served by the Carron Fish Bar, has after 20 years led to Mars ‘in-corpulent’ requiring the shop to display a disclaimer on the counter. Apparently the company is under the impression that the locals think the product is endorsed by Mars and they therefore are requiring the chip shop to make it clear that it is the owners’ own idea.

“To avoid any consumer confusion in this respect, we would be grateful if you would insert a small disclaimer at the bottom of any menus you may have and a sign on display at your shop stating as follows: ‘Mars is a registered trade mark of Mars Incorporated. Our use of Mars is not authorised or endorsed by Mars Incorporated’.”

Perhaps the chip shop should also include, ‘any delicious and non-sickly flavour you might encounter is purely down to Carron Fish Bar and should in no way be associated with the Mars Bar.’

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