Popular Science News | Cat Parasite Infects 350000 Britons

Popular Science News – a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii can only reproduce in a cat and yet the chance of catching it from a pet cat is very low as long as you follow basic hygiene. The main source of infection is from cat faeces which is either present in cat litter or in soil. Hand washing helps prevent this source of infection. The most common route of human infection is contaminated food that has not been cooked properly or salads which have not been washed.

Most people who do become infected show no symptoms but 20% go on to show flu-like symptoms. It is usually only people with poor immune systems who go on to develop the more serious affects. Treatment is available but this does not remove the Toxoplasma and symptoms may reappear. The problem with cat lovers is that they can’t resist stroking the pet and if this is followed by picking up a sandwich and eating it…

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