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Popular Science News – Bitcoin Currency. Fed up with different currencies, each of which has its different ups and downs? Well then use bitcoins. You’ll never have any of this currency in your wallet or purse because bitcoins are digital only. Currently there are 1000 retailers worldwide accepting bitcoins.

For the kind of people who like to bet on which raindrop will get to the bottom of window first, bitcoins have been popular as a source of speculation. there are also worries that the currency is being used by illegal organisations and for illegal products.

Currently a bitcoin is worth about $11 but when a hacker managed to transfer a large number of bitcoins to their account it dropped to $.01. The breech was quickly discovered, the transactions cancelled and bitcoins were $11 again. Imagine buying 10,000 bitcoins for $10 and then selling them for $110,000; makes Turkish lira look like a poor bet for speculators.

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