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Popular Science News – following on from the article about the overuse of painkillers, a device is being successfully used which reduces or even eliminates the need for painkilling drugs. It is called the SpringTMS Total Migraine System and, according to the company, is “the only non-drug therapy clinically proven to effectively stop or reduce migraine at the first sign of pain.”

“The SpringTMS Total Migraine System is safe to use, with no unwanted or serious treatment-related side effects. Published studies show that it treats migraines as effectively as current drug therapies, and may eliminate or reduce your need for medications.”

You place the device on the back of your head and it delivers a treatment which lasts for less than a minute. According to research carried out by Dr. Richard B. Lipton, Professor and Vice Chair of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, 39% of those using it were pain free for two hours after using the device and 29% of those using it were pain free for days.

The portable device automatically records treatment history and provides a headache diary that can be filled out after each use and can then be uploaded to a personal online journal.

Or, you could use the “sham” device which the control group were given in the research. This device was exactly the same as the working device except that it didn’t work; 22% of those using it achieved some relief from the self-induced placebo effect!

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