Modern Poetry – Thinking of You

Modern Poetry – Thinking of You. Awaiting the arrival of a lover to Cyprus fair isle.

Thinking of You

I talked myself
To sleep last night.
Sound and refreshing
Awake with the dawn.
Thinking of you
As always.
Two weeks to
Hold hands.
Countdown of
Lovers universal.
Impatient thoughts
Embracing all ages.
Lovers waiting in
Lonely corridors.
Frustrated, shuffling along
Queue of desire.
All thinking
Reaching out.
For their love
Apart, wasted.
Bad word
Moving through
The dark to light.
Glue of loneliness
Melted by hearts.
Feet moving faster
Heart beating.
Drumming, crescendo
Sweeping time aside.
Trap of horse or dog
We are off.
Space drawing closer
Soon to touch.
As children
We will walk.
And hold hands

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