Modern Poetry | Skin

Modern Poetry – Skin. I’m not sure that this offering could be described as erotica but it does come close to it.


Wrapped around
Finger tips
Healing, finding.
Brushing, caressing
Ears tingling.
Lips gently meeting
Shoulders and breast.
Moving over
Your body.
Complimented by
Hands and fingers.
No resistance
Capturing moments.
Of bliss complete
Happiness giving.
Reaching into
Heart and soul.
Walking holding
Hands and eyes.
Stemming tides
Of pain.
No sorrow now
A new future.
Erotic skin
To orgasm.
Tingling skin
Smooth as petals.
Drawing love
Hearts and words.
Nails gently
Scratching lines.
Lines on paper
Smoothing lines.
Kissing away
Sorrow and stress.
Gentle nipping
Bringing closeness.
Cool skin
Warm skin.
Hot skin
Red, pink and white.
My finger strokes
My thumb.
In memory of your
Tips and bud.
Sensitive, alive
Welcome home.
Your touch a delight
Skins touching.
Loving all night
Arms around.
Legs entwined
Seeking more skin.
To kiss and arouse
We touch, we love.
It will go on
And on forever.
Which is bliss
Our memories.
Of each other
Minds and body.
Will remember this

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