Modern Poetry | Gently

Modern Poetry – Gently. My take on ageing and what may be to come.


Gently it came
From where, we know not.
We know it came
We are different.
From before
The water raged.
Washing  souls white
Bleaching hearts.
Tranquil now, serene
Age, maturity, less.
Approaching death
Final frosty breath.
Welcome somehow
New horizons, skeletal.
Sand polished bone
Death rattle.
Turtle skull, large eye
Socket that saw.
What and where
Myriad deep colours.
Sand and rock
Gliding through weed.
Wreckage of ages
Man’s, detritus.
Swim,  Universal
Diving depths.
Uncharted future
Lost past.
Flesh shed
Soul brightened.
Gravity banished
Rising slowly.
Breaking surface
No breath.
Sirius bound
Leaving Earth behind.
New future
Light and dark.
Mortality shed
Starlight scattering.

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