Modern Poetry | Fire Flower

Modern Poetry – Fire Flower – I wrote this in recognition of a person that I have met and talked to several times, her name is Deidre Guthrie and, in her time, was a professional Flamenco dancer, she now keeps the Garden of Irenni at Belapais.   This garden is one of the hidden gems of North Cyprus.   If you don’t like cats and dogs it is best not to go.

Fire Flower

Cool, leafy, oasis
Sleeping cats guarding.
Reposing dogs
Tall, elegant hostess.
Secrets here one thinks
Rest and listen.
Music, art and goodness reside
With Candela Flores.
Chirping cicadas
Mask the click.
Of castanets.
Percusive heels.
Andalusian composure
Passions aroused.
Red and black
Defiant performance.
Relax, dream
Swap life stories.
Beautiful woman
Mind wanders to.
Her wonderful past
Care shown.
Meeting and greeting
Wonderful person.
A gem to discover
Sparkling like a diadem.
Feeling for folk
Animals alike.
Living her Gospel
Powerful and proud.
Taking care of all.
Who find her
Garden of peace.
Orange and lemon trees
Shade all.
Waifs and strays
Human and animal.
A flying boat
Started her journey.
Not yet finished
Listen carefully.
Hear composer creating
The gentle stroke of brush.
No ghosts
Kept alive by.
Music and painting
Care and kindness.
Abound here
A beautiful person.

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