Modern Poetry | Fairy Godmother

Modern Poetry – Fairy Godmother. Some say we all have one or a Guardian Angel. I remember once asking my Granddaughter, when she was very small, who she was talking to and she told me to her invisible friend Berm.  Now where did that name come from?

Fairy Godmother

Last night we lay
Sleeping as babes.
Morpheus’s arms  
Wrapped around.
Cherubs we
No fear.
A parent near
Guarding slumber.
Warm round rosy cheeks
Stretching arms.
Holding tight
Each other.
Pink skin, cherry lips
Innocent kiss.
Warmth and bliss
We slumber.
A life to lead
Secret from us.
Our form determined
By fate or gene.
Man, woman
Trials, trouble.
Love, laughter
Children our own.
The moon smiles
Beaming kindly.
Fairy Godmother
Reposing in curve.
Waiting, guiding
Lighting our path.
With dust we
Cannot see.
Invisible friend
Watching over.
Allowing a glimpse
Talking, loving.
No parent to see
Our secret.
When we grow
We will not know.
She is always
There with us.
Still caring not daring
To show, quietly.
Following, sharing
Tears, Sadness
Joy, laughter
As we age.
When all appears lost
She sprinkles.
Fairy dust
Allowing joy.
To girl, to boy
New life, new love.
Think we are alone?
Look at the Moon.
In its fullness
She hides behind.
Letting us sleep
Until we awake to.
A new dawn
Yawning, stretching.
Clicking mouths
Hungry for breakfast.
Sleepy eyed
Unsure steps.
Eye lashes
Blinking in Sunlight.
A new day
To explore.
We only have
To believe in her.
Believe in us
She will weave.
Our dreams
Allowing us.
Our time to be
Whatever we.
Wish, together
No sorrow, but joy.

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