Popular Science News | Food Prices Continue to Climb

Popular Science News – weather may be a major contributor to food prices reaching record levels but it isn’t the only factor. The US, for example, experience the hottest July on record and poor growing  weather across three continents has meant that crop yields have dropped and therefore the price essential food stuffs can bring has increased in line with this. Developed countries will import a near record $1.24 trillion worth of food to make up for shortages in demand. People in underdeveloped countries will eat less than they need while those in developed countries will eat more than they need and throw an estimated 15% of it away. Food wastage across the production chain is something like 30% but a 2004 survey discovered that once a household buys food, 15% is wasted either because it is prepared and not eaten or it is not used at all.

To get back to the reason for the current low food production, water for irrigation is becoming an important factor. Heat obviously increases the need to water crops but drought and increased water use or wastage in households is also to blame. In the end the farmer can only use as much water as is available locally and while crops don’t necessarily die, yields are decreased.

So, when food prices rise 20% this year you’ll know it isn’t the fault of the governments of the world, or even the fault of environmental factors, it’ll be the fault of water and food guzzling households which you may even be a member of.  Remember when you point the finger of blame, three fingers always point back at you.

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