Join us on 30th October to Demonstrate your admiration for the Corchidactus

All of you who still doubt the existence of the rare and beautiful Corchidactus, I say to you, put your doubts aside. In Britain they take very seriously the imminent blooming of a close relative to this much loved and rare plant the Lady Slipper Orchid. Indeed they have put police patrols in place to guard against vandals interfering with this plant whose cuttings can fetch up to £5000.

There is even a word for those of us who follow this unlikely hobby; ‘Orchidelirium.’ Scoff if you will but my researcher in London has found this account of the last blooming of the beautiful Lady Slipper Orchid in May 2010. The only places in the world where orchids do not bloom is Antarctica and the Gobi Desert.

If you do not want to miss the expected blooming of our own rare and much prized Corchidactus join your fellow botanists on the 30th October this year, you really will miss an unforgettable experience if you do not. It may not bloom again in our lifetime.

Read about the Lady Slipper Orchid and just how seriously her ‘coming’ is taken and then you doubting Thomas’s and Thomasina’s join us on 30th October. More details to follow.

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