A bourgainvillea no more

Bougainvillea no more

After the Ban Ki-moon non-event I thought I’d add something more interesting to NCFP.

A ten year old bourgainvillea was hacked to death by the telephone company recently, without any warning to the inhabitants of the house which it stood outside. The plant had obviously been a nuisance to the telephone engineers as their box was adjacent the offending plant. Unfortunately, the 15ft tall plant was unceremoniously placed/thrown the other side of the road, where it is still in the way of traffic. The Telecommunications department have not taken it away (in spite of their having an open backed truck); the Municipality have taken no interest, and the dustbin men obviously felt it was not their task.

The owners of the much loved plant are distraught at the destruction of an item of beauty in a village outside of Kyrenia where greenery is replaced with unfinished grey concrete; houses are being demolished and left as rubble, and where rubbish is dumped outside former beauty spots.  The couple do not wished to be named, but would like advice on how someone could be held accountable for the disposal of this once beautiful addition to the village and how the village might be restored to its earlier beauty. No questions have been answered at all. The bourgainvillea MAY grow again, being but a 10cms stub, but the question remains as to how long before the dying branches are removed and whether the village once described as ‘the most charming village in the whole of Cyprus’ could ever be restored to beauty.

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