NCFP Poetry | Damaged Wing

NCFP Poetry | Damaged WingThis was inspired by talking, online, to a Swedish Woman who had lost her husband and who told me that she had a damaged wing. It was the first poem that I penned. The lady is an artist and only paints on one half of the canvas leaving or painting the other half white.


With one wing he
The evening gently with her.
She did not see, but I think felt
The warm air change;
Did not see, but knew
Her wing was healing.
Guessing his hands and heart moved
Weaving the scented air.

Flying in circles
Through owl starred night.
Cannot see but feels her
Smiling, moving warm air.
Gliding on the air of care
With love and goldenness.
She moved his heart
Embroidering his damaged wing.

Gossamer wing of angels pale
In the reflection, wings forged.
By loves stream of silver
Burning to Golden fire.
Meet in dream time
Ask the wise man.
Can this be
Is it I, will we be.

I thought it was you
Come to visit in the Sun.
But no, it was not you
Whom I feel so close.
One of Natures’ gifts
A butterfly, kissed my cheek..
Thinking, dreaming could it be
Was it sent by her to kiss me.

Are we merely mortal
When we think such things.
Mind wide as Universe
A million stars.
Each star a universe, a thought.
A love, a kiss to give.
Waiting to discover
The sender of Butterflies.

One flew close today
Thinking instantly of you,
Living in beauty
Gives a heady rush.
Thinking of love again
Not so lonely now.
Something good is happening
Believe and it will come true.

Surrounded by Oleander
Mountain, rock and tree.
Allowing pure and sweet thought
The perfume of love.
Mountain tops dancing in the clouds
Heart pulsating.
New magic has arrived
From Sverige.

We glow as we age
Likened to a fine wine.
Fair face framed by flaxen hair
A lady for sure.
Svelte and sweet
Womanly smile with kind eye.
Gentle of nature
A rhapsody in skin.

Trapped on canvas
Framed with sadness.
Red the colour of the rose
Blanked out the other half.
Can emptiness be filled
As the ocean moves.
Deep my feeling
Make my woman whole.

Hers to be happiness
Golden her days.
Kibris love cascading
From beaten copper chalice.
Fire of passion reflecting
The food of love consuming.
Lips to be kissed
Passion to arouse.

Care absolute
Fragility to be protected.
Strength to be felt
Urgency of love.
Beauty and passion
Twins of love.
Giving all to each
Taking all from both.

Mobbed by butterflies
What say they.
No entwined limbs
Metamorphosis leathery.
From chrysalis woven silk
Wings of awe.
Spun beauty
Flight of delight.

Beating  wing
Beating  heart.
Beating  drum
Sound birth of love.
Nurture this
Hold tight.
Breath a caress
On down of neck.

One man woman
One woman man.
When Eve span
Who then was the gentleman.
Brightest star
Cry of fox, hoot of owl.
Loves silent cry
Chastens the moon.

A child in heart
Nor a prisoner.
A recluse no a gem
Bright and sparkling as a diadem.
Come out, come out, wherever you are
Show me your light.
Give me your love
Take my heart.

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