Cyprus News | Food Charity in South Appeals For Help

Cyprus News | Food Charity in South Appeals For Help

In the south, Solidarity charity had to close its doors to 100 needy people in Paphos who fall outside the welfare system. When the charity ran out of food the only option was to close and leave people outside the shop begging for food, especially those with young children. When the charity was set up two years ago it was helping 20 families but now it has 1000 families regularly seeking its help for food. Pavlina Patsalou, who heads up the registered charity, along with Paphos councillor George Sofokleous said:

“I was in a panic; these people need help and we don’t have anything to give them. Cyprus has to help us or else I truly believe we will see some of these babies dying,”

She also said that Solidarity’s appeal to President Nicos Anastasiades had met with a refusal.

“We appealed to the president after our local MP’s said they couldn’t help. He replied to us by letter saying that there is no money available and he is sorry but he can’t help. Since then, we have tried to contact him by telephone and email but he doesn’t respond.”

She is now widening her appeal to find food to feed the desperately needy families in the south:

“Times are terrible for so many, but even a packet of rice or pasta will help. I am begging the public all over Cyprus to help us to feed the needy, I am so worried about the babies, we have to do something now before it’s too late.”

Items are urgently needed for babies such as, powdered milk, wipes, baby food, shampoo, nappy cream and baby lotion. Also on their list is lentils, beans, pasta, noodles, rice, sugar, flour and tinned goods.

So, if anyone living in the north can help here are the Solidarity contact details:

Pavlina Patsalou 99220152

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