North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 9/5/2012

North Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Today‘He was a victim of the system’ – an ambulance took 30-45 minutes to attend an emergency in Dipkarpaz while a nearby ambulance did not attend because of a bureaucratic failure. The patient died and the family are blaming the death on the system.

Homes sale postponed – the Karmi/Robb auction was postponed either because “the man behind it had received a death threat” or “the government had asked him not to press ahead with the auction” or “he called it off because he did not have enough cash to buy back the land.” Marion Stokes, who did not attend, said “what is needed is for the auction to be cancelled outright.”

Kib-Tek board members replaced – the Council of Ministers responded to El-Sen Union’s demands and replaced the board of the electricity authority

Film’s focus on property problems – the MNCB documentary mentioned in NCFP, now named “A Few North Cyprus Banks Behaving Badly” is not to have a public showing at a guests only event at the Rocks Hotel in Girne at 2.30pm on Thursday 10th May. During the showing it is rumoured that they will not name who the “few North Cyprus Banks” are and will come to the conclusion that “not enough has been done to address the problems”. Editor (Dominic Freeman): including stand up to Akfinans Bank?

‘Bank knew about us before the auction’ – as Pauline Read has been saying all along, and as Brian Freeman now told Girne District Court, Akfinans Bank knew there were houses on the Kulaksiz 5 site and “withheld vital information from the courts.” Editor: see MNCB, even Cyprus Today has mentioned Akfinans Bank’s name in association with Kulaksiz 5.

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