in Cyprus Today – 9/4/2011

‘Help them or lose millions’Editor: according to the article about the HBPG meeting on Thursday, Marian Stokes pointed out the obvious again in the hope that the current TRNC government would take notice this time.  She quoted figures which showed that property purchasers had paid a great deal into the economy but was unclear about how helping current property victims would save the government money apart from saying that they would have to pay some taxes, probably the builders’. She also pointed out the obvious that unless the government is persuaded to do something then they won’t and without their support nothing would happen, but she did not say what change in the HBPG’s approach she was implementing to bring this about. Stephen Day at the meeting insisted that because the current government has been elected by citizens who do not have a problem with deeds being transferred at the time of purchase, then those never to be granted that privilege, and with these problems, should not be “attacking them, accusing them and bringing into question their honour.” Well certainly not, unless pointing out the truth counts as that. All in all an excellent meeting and I’ve no doubt the government will be pleased and will respond in a manner that reflects the pressure they are now under thanks to the HBPG.

Kulaksiz buyers buoyed despite court failure – K5 have failed to win an injunction to stop the bank kicking them out but see the NCFP article for more details. Editor: perhaps as a result of the power of the HBPG’s words on Thursday we’ll soon have proof that the government recognise how awful this is and perhaps actually show evidence to these pensioners that they know the K5 problem exists and can do something to stop it. Up until now they have said there is nothing they can do to help anyone in such situations.

Day of protest – third mass demonstration against austerity measures. Only 5000 attended, some with provocative banners and flags. The main opposition Republican Turkish, Social Democrat and Democratic parties have now withdrawn their backing.

Complaints made over death threat to Elcil – repeat article, see earlier edition

Prime Minister unveils his third UBP cabinetEditor: all change, no change?

Work halted on ancient abbey route – but too late to stop the destruction of an 800 year-old Crusader road to Bellapais, part of which was on, chairman of the Estate Agent’s Union, Hasan Sunger’s land. He denies that the land has been cleared for building and says it is only needed for access to his vineyard.

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